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Course Details
​Course Duration: Tailored to suit

Course Host: Dr. Warren Leigh PhD

Course Cost: Premium tuition (one to one) £1995

Please note that the student must be prepared for hard work.


Course Locations
United Kingdom:

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Aircraft Interiors Certification: Stowage Unit Interface Loads

Introduction to Aircraft Interiors Certification: Stowage Unit Interface Loads​​

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  • ​Weekend and Evening courses available 

Course Outline
- Typical Stowage Unit Structure

- Materials, Joints & Fasteners
- Stowage Unit Loading Technique

- Interface Loads
- Mass Check Procedure

- Mass Balance Check
- FEA Stowage Modelling in FEMAP & Patran (Nastran)

​- Quality control of modelling
​- The Structure Report​

Stress Certification Engineers must produce stress analytical reports that validate the structural safety of aircraft interior (composite) structures such as Stowage units. The Aircraft interiors industry is valued at £20b worldwide by 2020. There are at least six major aircraft interior design and manufacturers, mainly located in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, Japan and USA.

The magnitude of the loads (due to aircraft gust and manoeuvres) imparted to the aircraft structure at the Stowage units attachment points are known as the Interface Loads.

There are frequent opportunities in the aircraft interiors industry for engineers with knowledge of producing the Interface Loads and Stress Analysis reports for Stowage units, Galleys and FCRCs. Salaries upto £45000 per annum are offered. With High Peak Courses, the student will learn this essential knowledge.

The student will obtain hands on experience of constructing composite Finite Element Models (FEA) of the Stowage unit and will perform Nastran Structural Analysis to obtain the Interface loads. Finally, the student will write the contents of a typical Stowage unit Interface load certification report. This course has been designed (by the course presenter) to ensure that the student will have an impressive amount of his own work to show potential employers that he can do the job.​​

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