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Elimination of stress concentrations.

Inverted stress distribution.

Using EDGE Software 

Structural composites.

​Carbon/Kevlar woven

Comprehensive Structural Composite Materials

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Peak Stress concentrations around the periphery of a rocket structure from engine thrust load

Practical Composite Careers Course

LIGHTWEIGHTING Attended and Online Courses

The philosophy of Lightweighting stems from regulatory and other pressures to improve fuel efficiency, increase performance and reduce greenhouse gases. The Lightweighting approach applies to all sectors including, automotive, aerospace, maritime, offshore and rail.

Vehicles with lower inherent mass have lower inertia, can respond or accelerate quicker. Higher payloads can be offered for the same operating cost.

There are significant cascade effects by reducing the primary mass, as the mass of any supportive structures can also be reduced. The reduction effect is also felt on emissions, lower fuel cost, lower capital cost, lower operational cost and transportation cost.

Lightweight Materials:
An obvious method to reduce the weight of a vehicle or product is to use light weight materials. Aluminium is used extensively throughout industry to achieve a lower mass product. Carbonfibre composites are popular in aerospace in particular, but also throughout many of the other engineering realms.

The one day or Online introduction Structural Composite course provides fundamental knowledge of the process of the initial structural design and analysis of a composite material. This course has free CSAMS Composite analysis software,

Stress Concentrations.
Fatigue cracks usually start at the presence of Stress Concentrations which leads to reduced product life.  
A serious part in Lightweighting that can be overlooked is the need to improve upon the conventional methods to reduce or remove stress concentrations. Traditional mitigation techniques have limits which generally lead to higher weight. With this stress concentration course you will learn how to optimise the reduction of stress concentrations and also how to eliminate them. This course has free EDGE-stress concentration elimination software. 

Innovative Designs and Biomimetics.
Methods of Lightweighting includes innovative designs which challenge the traditional structural architecture approaches, new ways to transfer service loads and produce a lighter weight structure. The transposition of nature’s solutions to engineering of minimum weight to performance is known as Biomimetics. This subject offers tremendous disruptive opportunities to engineering design.

Comprehensive Structural Composite Materials

Copyright © 2016 High Peak Courses Ltd (subsidiary of Jura Carbon Ltd.). Registered Address at: Harold Smith Chartered Accountants, St. Asaph Business Park, Denbighshire, LL17 0JA.


Structural Composite Materials


This was presented to Researchers at Strathclyde University in February 2019.

The Lightweighting course consisted of seven modules in total;

1. Stress Mitigation

2. Composites

3. Light Weight concepts

4. Quality Checks on the FEA model

5. Adhesive joint deign and analysis

6. Bolted joints

7. N/A