​L1: ​Introduction to the Design of Structural Composites Attended Course

Special offerComposite Structural Analysis Modules (CSAMs) software is provided with a  1 month  license (normally £199 per year) when you purchase the course​.

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The use of carbonfibre and other composite materials is rapidly expanding and pervades all markets. Carbonfibre had an estimated annual growth of 12% from 2012–2018. The strongest demand for carbonfibre composites comes from aircraft and aerospace, wind energy and the automotive industry. This means that if you want to go into the composites world, the opportunities for you are huge. 

Course Outline    
If you are a graduate engineer or company manager, excited but bewildered by the growing composite industry and interested in designing composite components but would like to know where to start in structural composite materials. This one-day composite course is for you (based on the 4 lectures of the online course).

In the courses I will show you a first step which will help all you composite fabricators to start to design a component that will be strong enough and light enough.

From an engineer’s approach I will show you where to start in the process of designing with composites.
You will learn;
- initial design and composite component sizing. 
- how thick should you make the composite structure to take the loads applied to it.
- how is this thickness determined.
- what you need to know to calculate the thickness of a ply
- how to tailor the composite ply for the engineering benefits you seek.

This one-day Introduction to the Design of Structural Composites Course also contains;
- a short history of composite materials.
- the best way to start to understand the world of composite materials.
- what is a composite material?
- the merits of using composites materials
- how composite material properties are different to metals.
- how to tailor the composite to suit your performance requirements
- two essential composite properties that you need to know.
- the simple building block composite design approach.
- the simplest and most popular technique to make a composite material.
- the various issues on selecting a composite material for your project.
- a basic Industrial knowledge map for a composite product.

I have filtered out the important aspects to give you a very quick understanding of Structural Composite Materials.

​The course designer, Dr. Warren B. Leigh, started as a Stress Engineer on composites in 1984 whilst at British Aerospace and has tailored this course to provide extensive but selective information and techniques to the student that he has acquired over the decades since.​

​​CSAMs: Composite Structural Analysis Modules
CSAMs is designed to be easy to use. It is great for the beginner, the graduate/practicing engineer and the fabricator. Start your initial composite designs with CSAMs.

With CSAMs, you can make rapid composite laminate architecture design investigations to meet stiffness, strength and minimum weight requirements. Determine the equivalent Young’s Modulus, allowable strength, volume and weight fraction, laid down ply-thickness and other properties of continuous and chopped strand mat (CSM) fibre composites. Hybrid composites can also be designed with CSAMs. CSAMs caters for uni-directional, 0/90, 90 deg and +/-45 deg plies of different gsms of carbonfibre, glassfibre and kevlar. Sandwich panel designs are easy too. Choice of core materials. Analysis of simple monolithic, hollow box and I-beam structures. Use CSAMs as a simple parametric investigation tool for your initial design.

​A basic manual is included with the software. 

For adhesive bond calculations of Lap and T-Peel joints, JSAMs is recommended.

Special Offer

As mentioned above, a 1 month license of CSAMs is included with your purchase of this course, giving you full access to the software's functionality.

CSAMs Additional Training Course

To learn how to apply CSAMs to practical scenarios, I have designed an extensive online course including video tutorials, manuals with step-by-step worked examples and an additional 2 months CSAMs license. 

Course Locations

United Kingdom:

- Bletchley Park - Milton Keynes

Course Details
Course Duration:          Four Days (32 hours) 
Course Host:                Dr. Warren B. Leigh PhD
Course Cost:                £1495 (Premium tuition of one to one available))

Please enquire to book a course (available monthly).
- Weekend and evening courses available.
- One to one direct consultations available​.
- Courses can be tailored to meet your requirements.
- CV modification and enhancement services offered after course.

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Design and Analysis of Structural Composite Materials

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