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Design and Analysis of Structural Composite Materials

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You will learn:
· how to design a structural carbonfibre pre-preg composite laminate beam.
· how to calculate the number of carbonfibre plies to give you the stiffness and strength that is required for your lightweight component.

· You will learn to manufacture the pre-preg carbonfibre composite beam that you designed in day one and use the autoclave to cure it.

DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE TOOLING for a racing car nosecone
· You will use professional and industrial established Cad package, SolidEdge by Siemens to draw up your tooling for a racing car nosecone design.
· We will make the tooling using either CNC or 3D printing techniques.

· You will hand layup the prepreg carbonfire onto the tool that you have made to form the nosecone and prepare the carbonfibre composite layup for vacuum bagging and for the autoclave.

· You will test the carbonfibre composite beam and compare the test results against your design calculations (i.e. validation and quality control).

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​​Course Details

Course Host:                         Dr. Warren Leigh PhD

​                                           Del Quigley

​                                           Niall Carmichael

Cost:                                    £1450

​​Course Duration:                   Four days

C3: Composite Design, Analysis and Manufacture Workshop (4 day)

​​​​​​​Hands-on workshop: design, analysis, manufacture and test of carbonfibre prepreg for beginners, engineering students, grads & enthusiasts.

You should leave the workshop with a fundamental understanding of how to design a suitable laminate, prepreg manufacture, test validation of a simple composite component, make a simple tool design in SolidEdge, manufacture a carbonfibre racing car composite part.

You will gain confidence in the initial design, analysis, manufacture and test validation of structural composites. You will take home the course notes and the carbonfibre beam you designed, the racing car nosecone tooling and carbonfibre nose cone (or other car component) that you made on the course. Basically, a complete composite package.