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Design and Analysis of Structural Composite Materials

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​​Course Details

Course Host:        Dr. Warren Leigh PhD

Cost:                   £3995 pp

​​Course Duration:  Three Months (Part-time Internship)

C2: Comprehensive Design & Analysis of Structural Composite Materials

(3 Month Internship)

Copyright © 2016 High Peak Courses (subsidiary of Jura Carbon Ltd.). Registered Address at: Harold Smith Chartered Accountants, St. Asaph Business Park, Denbighshire, LL17 0JA.

​​For the candidate who desires a deeper knowledge and a more thorough understanding of composites, then High Peak Courses provides you with a very credible four weeks training, allowing you to learn without the hurry. You need no prior knowledge or experience of composites, because the course is designed to introduce you gently to the essential practical aspects of design for manufacture and analysis of composite materials. 

At the end of the course you will have understanding and experience of different composite manufacturing materials systems, using glassfibre, carbonfibre, Kevlar, silicon carbide fibres and biocomposites. You will be able to design composite laminates based on strength or stiffness requirements. You will be able to make structural stress analysis of the monolithic or sandwich panel laminates using simple hand calculations.

You will construct a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) composites model and run the analysis using industrially recognised FEA software such as MSC Patran-Nastran or Femap-NX Nastran and for Femap you will receive a free 45 day licence.

The course designer started as a Stress Engineer on composites in 1984 whilst at British Aerospace and has tailored this course to provide extensive but selective information and techniques to the student that he has acquired over the decades since.


Course Locations
United Kingdom:

​ - Palace Hotel Buxton

 - Pavilion Gardens, Buxton

 - Bletchley Park- Milton Keynes

 - Royal Court Hotel - Coventry
Manchester Met. University - Crewe

Naples - Italy

​ - Fuerteventura - Spain

MODULE 5: Design of Composite Structures.            
Composite Structural Sizing and Design by Hand Calculation.

  • Rectangular
  • C-Section
  • Monolithic composites.
  • Worked examples of various beam sections
  • Laminate in-plane Stiffness design.

MODULE 6: Composite sandwich structures design

  • Sandwich panels Design by Hand Calculation.
  • Calculation of component thickness 
  • Minimum weight
  • Stiffness
  • Strength.
  • Worked examples of various panels.

MODULE 7: Composite Joint Design.

  • Adhesively bonded
  • mechanically fastened
  • Hybrid.

Joint geometry

  • Failure modes
  • Effect of Joint aspect ratios on Failure modes
  • Hand calculations in Mathcad, CSAMS and JSAMs (Joint Structural Analysis Modules)​

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MODULE 1:  Composite laminate Analysis composite materials training course

  • Classical Lamination theory methods
  • Analysis of layered laminates.
  • Procedure to make the analysis
  • Laminate stiffness analysis
  • Laminate strength analysis.
  • Examine if ply failure has occurred
  • Failure criterion

MODULE 2:  Quick techniques to estimate

  • Laminate Stiffness and Strength      
  • Laminate stiffness analysis (Excel and Mathcad)
  • Laminate strength analysis (Excel and Mathcad)

MODULE 3:  Composite Laminate Analysis 

  • Calculation of composite particulates composite short and continuous fibres
  • Worked examples CSAMs

MODULE 4: Sizing calculations. 
Basic structural calculations for open and closed composite sections. Subject to the following loading.
                •      Axial Force on C-section
                •      Bending on C-section
                •      torsion on C-section (Student work)​​